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The Thornton Heath Poltergeist

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:26 pm
by kentpara
The Thornton Heath Poltergeist

During the 1970's in Thornton Heath, England a happy family became the target of an angry entity residing in their home.
One hot summer night in August the family were awoken by a bedside radio blasting out a strange foreign station. The family had no idea where the radio station was transmitted from and had never tuned into it before. The following nights saw bedside lamps and ornaments tampered with by unseen forces.
In 1972 around Christmas time the husband was assaulted by a flying figurine in the living room. It hit him so hard on the forehead that he collapsed giddy into a nearby chair. When the family went to assist the husband the nearby Christmas tree began to rise and shake violently.
The New Year brought even more paranormal activity with the sound of loud footsteps walking through the bedroom upstairs. Several days later their young son was awoken by what he later described as a tall angry looking man.
Before long visitors who came to the family home also started experiencing paranormal happenings including a dinner party event in which the door began to shake and knock violently. It seemed as though the front door was being knocked first then the living room was targeted. As the party members stood up the living room door flung open and every light in the house started switching on and off.
A medium was called in and was able to deduce that the entity was actually a dead farmer by the name of Chatterton. This Chatterton character was angry with the family because he considered them to be trespassers in his home.
After a little research they did find out that a farmer named Chatterton owned their home during the mid-18th century.
After nearly four long years of paranormal activity the family decided to throw in the towel and purchase a new home. Once out of the house in Thornton Heath the strange happenings ceased immediately.
There have been no further reports of poltergeist activity in the house they left behind…...