Klaus Schreiber ITC Experimenter

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Klaus Schreiber ITC Experimenter

Klaus Schreiber began to receive spirit images on his TV set in 1985, including the faces of scientist Albert Einstein, Austrian actress Romy Schneider, and various departed family members, especially his two deceased wives and daughter Karin, with whom he was particularly close. His technique, set up by his colleague Martin Wenzel, involved aiming a videocamera at the television and feeding the output of the camera back into the TV, in order to achieve a feedback loop. The result was a churning mist on the screen out of which the spirit faces would slowly form over a period of many frames. Schreiber’s spectacular results were the subject of a TV documentary and book by popular radio-television commentator Rainer Holbe in nearby Luxembourg, in 1985. Claus Schreiber got the advice from his contact partner in beyond via EVP to make experiments with video.
Claus Schreiber was a German man with very powerful psychic skills that lay dormant until the 1970s and 80s. After hearing about the phenomenon of spoon-bending, he went to the kitchen, pulled a spoon from the drawer and tried it. To his amazement, after a few gentle strokes the spoon bent in his hands as though it had melted. Before long he had bent not only a variety of silverware, but also an old horseshoe.
He began voice experimenting with a tape recorder, and immediately began receiving voices of his many deceased relatives. He was now hopelessly excited about paranormal research, especially spirit communication, so he opened up a lab in his basement for audio and video experiments.
In the mid-1980s Mr Schreiber became the first person in history to receive direct paranormal images in an experimental setting. They came through his old black-and-white television set. He began with some rather elaborate video-feedback experiments which produced strange, misty patterns on the TV screen, and images would form out of the mists--images of deceased family members, strangers and celebrities--such as the images of physicist Albert Einstein, German movie star Romy Schneider, and his own daughter Karin who had died at a young age. Karin appeared as a female figure in a dark blouse and a white skirt with her head tilted, and soon became her dad's primary research colleague, acting as an intermediary in his contacts with other departed family members.

Klaus Schreibers Method

Schreiber's method is a simple technique that consists in recording with a video camera a TV or monitor which it is linked to that video camera. The result of this is a loop between what is send to the Tv-monitor and what is recorded by the camera. Klaus Schreiber, a German man, believed that this loop allowed a communication from deceased persons or other entities. Like other phenomena this simply reflects the tendency of the human brain to perceive faces and figures in what are essentially random patterns: when we see the clouds in the sky we can see any animals, objects, figures etc.

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