What Are Ghost Dolls?

A reference to the paranormal and its various definitions.

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What Are Ghost Dolls?

While haunted doll stories are not uncommon, the case of real haunted dolls are unique in that so many claim to have witnessed their paranormal and haunted movements first-hand. Many real Haunted Doll Owners who have seen and claim to have witnessed these living dead dolls expression changing into a menacing grins, hearing the dolls giggle cry, laugh and even speak.
For reasons unknown, dolls seem to attract spirits. More troubling, dolls seem to become easily imbued with the spirit of the child to whom it most closely connected. And there is ample evidence to at least provoke suspicion that some dolls stay connected via this childhood link for years, even generations after their childhood playmate has grown to adulthood or succumbed to early death.


Today, many a haunted doll live quite comfortably, though well guarded by their owners. Visitors are welcome to see them here in the haunted doll Museum, though taking pictures has proven to be difficult for some of their owners. Cameras tend to stop working when pointed at the doll, only to resume normal function when pointed in the opposite direction.
Dolls, simple child’s playthings, primitive or highly stylized, have been around for centuries. Every culture seems to create these little imitations of humans and all seem to do so for the same purpose: to provide companionship, entertainment and comfort to our children.
With such innocent and well-intentioned origins, what could possibly bother, or, in some cases even terrify us about these loving childhood companions?

The Haunted Doll Museum can be found here: http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/muse ... edDOLL.htm

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Re: What Are Ghost Dolls?

Found this interesting article on Ebay so I am sharing it here:

Hello this is Misslady. Yes I am a collector of paranomal items. Dolls in particular. I guess a part of me buys the items for curiosity to see what will happen. Also to hope that there would be some particular activity to convince the non believers in my household that these things exist. For whatever the reason to buy these items there are some things to consider. I've purchased a few dolls and noticed that with these items some things do occur.
First I used to buy my items from individuals who would sell many other haunted items. From most of these I've noticed no paranormal activity. And don't believe all those great experiences you've read in the sellers feedback. I, like many others, have fallen into the trap of making things appear to happen because I was expecting it so much. I've actually convinced myself that this is happening when it could have had another explaination. When I purchased my first doll, I wrote the seller with all these things that happened and now that I look back at it most could have been in my head.
Be wary of the seller who has hundreds of haunted items. Lets be real, who can actually aquire all these things? Then there are other factors to consider. You could purchase a doll and the item wasn't really haunted, just the item next to it was. Or, hate to say it, purchase the item that is haunted and the spirit eventually leaves. Yes, it has happened to me. I dont know if it left, but became dormant I should say. Or you could get an item that displays activity once a year . Or an item that hasn't displayed any activity, then years later recks havoc on your home.
When I purchase a doll, I look out for a few things. After being burned a few times I have to be particular. First, the age of the doll. I like antique dolls because there are more chances of it having actually aquired that energy because it is so old. Then the price. Don't buy a doll that starting bid is super high. Most individuals who are selling real paranormal items will want to get rid of it quickly and will list it for a resonable price. And look out for the doll that is .99 cents with free shipping. Those are the best I think. You might get the real deal with a seller who is so willing to pay for their own listing fees and shipping. I like to check the sellers feedback to see if they didn't sell other paranormal items. It would be more convincing that they just happened to get this one and wants to get rid of it. So, at least for me, the less haunted items sold the more chances of it being the real deal. Look out for the doll that has been sold on ebay before and is up for relisting. The new owner probably couldn't handle it and is selling it again. And also the item description. I've read them all and many just sound the same. Look out for the item whose description is a little different from the rest. And also watch out for the dolls that have so called lights and orbs and things like that in the pictures. I find it so funny when a seller enhances all of their items pictures and claims its "paranormal". What's the chances of all the pictures for each item coming out like that?
Now for the good part. If and when you actually get a haunted doll, BE PREPARED! I cannot stress that anymore. You may think, "oh, I can handle it. Whats the big deal. Whats the worst that can happen." When you first experience actual activity it will hit you at the core of your soul. It is a deep gut feeling of "OMG what have I gotten myself into." It is one of the uttmost strongest feelings a person can feel of fear and uncertainty. My first actual real deal, no explaination activity was with an antique doll I have named Sally. When she arrived in the box at my home I sat the box down for some time. I finally put the box on the couch to open it and when I went towards the box there was this definate loud thump that came from the box. Me and my daughter backed away like "What the %$@& was THAT!!". I truly believed the seller was playing a prank on me and put a large rat in there, but when I opened it, it was just Sally. I searched that whole box and there was nothing in there to explain the thump other than "Get me the heck outta here!" That shook me at the depth of my being. I actually realized this stuff is no joke. She doesn't display physical activity yet, but her presence is ALWAYS there. Watching you at ALL times. Her eyes follow us around the room. Sometimes she looks pleasant and other times like this darkness covers her face and she looks sinister.(For pics of Sally scroll down) Don't know anything about the spirit in there, the seller just wanted to get rid of her, and she never sold haunted items before. Now my daughter is scared to death of her. Everyday is"no I dont' want to go out there because of Sally" or "Don't leave me alone, I'm scared of Sally" or "take Sally in the room with you, I'm scared." Please consider your children before buying these things.
Last but not least, when you get a real haunted doll, please treat it with respect. You will have people think your crazy and make fun of the doll, but insist to them not to do it. I always get that with Sally. I feel at times compelled to reassure her that I love her and that they don't understand. Say hi to them and sit them somewhere so they don't feel neglected. They are very simple, just like to be treated with respect. And if you can't handle the doll, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. That is the worst thing you can do. Please give it away to someone or sell it again. The person has to be willing to take it. Don't just leave it on the next man's doorstep. I have read so many repercussions of throwing the dolls away that I wouldn't advise it. You might just end up having Billy or Mary right back on your doorstep with a major bone to pick with you.
Some activity that might occur? Well I can only tell you what I have experienced. Of course the feeling of someone watching you, seeing movement in the corner of your eye, things moving or falling with no explaination, lights flickering when the bulbs are new, disturbing dreams, banging on walls, scratching under your pillow, smells like something has died, cool breezes going past you, strong energy when holding the doll, you might even hear things.
Oh just to add, don't mess with Ouija boards to find out about the paranormal. Very dangerous. I've done it and I have been attacked and slapped in the face in my sleep before. Just last night something punched me in the face so hard that it woke me up. Don't know if it was my dolls or that thing that follows me from house to house, but I believe it was that thing I awakened years ago when dealing with that board. So just dont do it. And unless it is your desire, stay away from the dolls whose activity shows negativity. Like the doll being sad and crying, throwing things, causing bruises, scratches, growling or pig noises, owner having extreme nightmares, etc. Don't think the crying doll is all innocent. I've spoken to people who had that sad energy come upon them and they became depressed. And don't always assume that the entity in the doll is human. You might get something far from just a lost spirit. There are demonic entities that attach themselves to dolls as well. They are more able to actively communicate to the living and the story will usually start with a child that grows fond of the doll and the doll tells it what to do. Beware of these stories. As the child and the doll become closer more things start to happen to the child and the household and eventually the child hates the doll, but then it is to late. Ive seen about two or three cases of those on here and would never even think about bidding on it. Demonic entites (nonhuman negative energy) are no joke and can cause dire consequenses. So I advise to stay clear of them. Just goggle Annabelle the doll and maybe you'll think twice.
Anyway I hope this guide is helpful to all who read it. Just know what you are getting into before you do it. I'll be glad to answer any questions or tell you any experiences I've had. Feel free to email me with any of your own paranormal experiences, as I love to hear them. I've been dealing with these things since 13 so I know quite a bit. To all that think I'm crazy or nuts, hey, to each his own. Don't judge me till you walk in my shoes and experienced the things I have buddy. Thanks so much for reading. :) Here are some picks of my girl Sally. No, I'm not willing to sell her. She is one of a kind. Watch how her eyes follow the camera.She's always looking.
Update 6/24/07: I just wanted to include this for all who buy haunted dolls. It is my recommendation that you do not waste your time and money on these sellers who have hundreds of haunted dolls. I have been burned again people, and by someone who sells hundreds of "haunted" dolls whose feedback looks pretty darn convincing. I'm not gonna name any names but you can check my feedback if you like. Anyway like most of the dolls I have bought, they are a waste of space. It is my belief, not a fact, that these sellers who have so many great feedback probably are involved in something called "shill bidding". Which is getting friends and family to bid on your items or you bidding on your own item through a seperate ebay account to make the value look more than what they are. If you research their feedback intensely, you'll notice it's the same individuals who make claims of all these great wonderous activities. You have to ask yourself, "if this person is so satisfied with there so called active doll, why purchase so many more". I don't know about you, but once I find that doll that is super haunted, I don't think I'll need anymore. I still search for dolls because I just don't get activity around here as much as I 'd like. If you search the web and check out the real haunted dolls that are in museams, they are all antique dolls, not these brand new looking dolls that these sellers have. And just use your common sense people. A haunted doll is a rare and unusual occurence. How could one person happen to get so many dolls that have spirits attached? Don't be fooled by the feedback like I was. I would buy a doll only from someone who hasn't sold haunted dolls before or if it's an antique. And just to let you know there are other items on ebay that have spirits attached that are not dolls. Like a rosary or a bible. Just look for the "I got this item and now strange things are happening and I just want it gone" statement. I think those are the geuine ones.

Update 12/27/07:

Hello to all again. I just wanted to keep you guys updated on any paranormal activity I have experienced. I recently got a new doll. Actually its a teddy bear. I got tired of looking in the haunted doll section and looked for other things. His name is George and the seller wanted to get rid of him cause he was freaking her out. She never sold haunted items before. So of course I bid. When George arrived I placed him in my room and closed the door. Upon returning to my room, when I opened the door I felt a tremendous thick pressure in the air and both my ears popped at the same time. Now I don't live at high altitudes, so that was weird. Since he has been here alot of electrical phenomena has occured. Like my VCR rewinding all by itself. And my daughters toys going off on their own. My light in the hall blowing and when I put a new bulb in, it didnt work. Her carasol light over her bed no longer works either. And not to mention my husband and I were watching tv one day and as soon as this intense scene was coming on, my picture on my wall unit fell. For no apparent reason. I've also watched a teddy bear I have lift a little out the rocking chair it is in and fall. The wall banging has gotten annoying. But I don't think it's him. Sometimes its very loud. Other times it sounds light. Almost like a marble dropped and wobbles a little. The other day I was in the living room and there was banging on the ceiling. I went in the room to take a nap with my son and it followed me there. But everytime I got up it would stop. First it would sound like someone hammering. The it sounded like two seperate knocks going on at the same time. It was very annoying. So finally I decided this nap wasn't for me, and the knocking stopped. The next day my mom came over. We were in the kitchen and I said to her, " So yesterday there was this knocking on the ceiling..." Before I could even finish my sentence, there was a sound right above our head that sounded like if someone has dropped a bowl. Like that wobble sound. We both looked up, then looked at each other, then she told me she didn't want to hear about it. What's weird is that two weeks before I recieved George, my husband said my daughter woke up in her sleep, lifted up from her pillow in a zombie like state with her arms posed like she was holding something, and said' "Can you get me George?" Coincidence? I have never had an item create so many things in such short time. Sally is still quiet. I don't think she likes to be bothered though. My cousin came over once and was intrigued by her and was looking at her fingernails, which has red stains on it, asking me if it was blood. Later I came out and she said she was feeling nauseus. And my son pulled her off the couch once. And moments later I noticed he has a long scratch on his face. Then moments after that my pack of Dasani water fell on him. Coincidence? I always thought something was a little off about her. That darkness that I mentioned. When my friends come over, they always request I put her in a different room. They say she watches them and her energy is dark. What funny is that here I am trying to get a picture of George uploaded on the computer and it won't upload. That's never happened before. I thought nothing of it then I remember hearing other sellers saying they had problems with their dolls and pictures. It just won't upload. When I do get it to I will put the picture of him on here. The activity varies. For those who have haunted dolls or want to purchase them, don't expect activity all the time. It comes now and then. I dont think I am interested in buying anymore haunted dolls. I think this guys is enough for me. When he gets quiet I think about buying another one. But then it starts up and I'm like "forget it." I think he has alot more in store for me. The reason I am writing this is for all those who want or have haunted dolls and dont have anyone to relate to. I know that when I bought my first doll I wished I knew someone who had a doll that I could ask them what to expect. I will continue to update this guide as more things happen. :)(I finally got it to work. Notice how her eyes follow the camera)

Update 1/7/08:

Happy New Year To All. It is now 2 in the morning over here and I was in the bathroom undressing to take a shower, when I hear a single knock on my bathroom door. So I paused for a moment and dismissed it. The while in my nice hot shower, I hear it again. That single knock. So I called my husband who is out right now. Of course he claims its just the wind. Everything that goes on around here is "the wind". There could be a full blown apparition and it would just be "the wind" in manifest. Anyway so about an hour goes by and now I'm in my living room and about 5 min ago I hear the same thing again, this time louder. I used to hear it on me ceiling, but just dismissed it as the neighbors and coincidence. But now its in my house. Am I afraid. No. Surprisingly. Ive been through worse with these things. But I must admit, I might have a hard time sleeping tonight. LoL.

Update 1/29/08:

Ok so it is now 5:47 am. I was lying in my bed. Just couldn't get back to sleep. And I swear over by my television I heard the voice of a small child whispering. It said some sentence I couldnt make out. I jumped up and of course there's nothing there. Im trying to make sense of this right now, but logically I can't. That was freaking weird. I'm asssuming its George cause these things have been happening since he's been around, but I just ordered another doll and although shes not here yet, she could be. Who knows. I'm just not going back in the bed until daylight. Am I afraid, no. The voice was very sweet sounding. I just don't want to hear it again.

Update 2/29/08:

Greetings again. About a 3 weeks ago my family and I were just sitting in the living room when we noticed a light in the hallway turn off. So I told my daughter to turn it back on thinking it was a short(weve had alot of those since George came) and she told me the light switch was actually flipped down. I know it was cause I heard the click when she turned it back on. So one of "them" turned the light switch down. My husband was puzzled as well since he witnessed it also. But nonetheless, its still just the "wind" to him. Lol.

Update 4/21/08:

Hello all. Things have been quiet around here lately. Nothing big to report. I can say that a few weeks ago I was in a half sleep half awake state and I hear this singing coming from my living room. Let me remind you thats where I keep my three haunted dolls. It was a very distinct song that Ive never heard before and sounded like an old time song. It sounded like a little girl about the age of maybe 10. The song was very distinct and real. Then I heard the same singing by my bedside. It was much louder and just very persistant. I remeber lying there thinking, "boy I sure hope i dont have to go through this too often". I really just wanted to go to sleep. Then I woke myself up fully and it stopped. It is my belief that it was abigail( a new doll I got from a relisted auction. The seller couldnt handle her) only becuase I know that George is a boy and that Sally I doesnt do things like that. And the song sounded very joyous, something that I dont think Sally has in her. And it happened a week into her being here. I havent experienced anything else from her since.

Update 5/10/08 :

Hello again. First of all I'd like to thank everyone for reading my guide and those who contacts me to share their stories or have questions. I am no expert, but appreciate you guys trusting my advise. Happy hunting to you all. I forgot to include this experience. It happened about a month and a half ago. My daughter and I were in the livingroom watching T.V. I kept hearing this noise going on so eventually I told her to turn the T.V down. We listened and she was like, " I hear it too, Mom." It sounded like that marble dropping sound that I hear on the ceiling. Except this time it was coming from inside my house. So we went to search and found the exact area it was coming from. It was coming from the middle of my floor, not a wall or ceiling, and we could hear it clear. That very light marble dropping. I hear it dropping on the floor, except it wasnt dropping on "my" floor. I can only describe it as if it were dropping on some "other" floor. The sound sounded like it was about a foot off the ground of my floor. Like it was dropping on some floor in a different space or dimension. It was really weird. And I must mention the radiator incident. I was in my house sleeping and dreaming and in my dreams I could hear this banging noise. It was so loud it finally woke me up. I realize its coming from my radiator. But the heat wasnt coming on, and I never heard anything like that coming from there before. It was so unbelievably loud and constant. Then it would stop and sound like someone was walking around or shuffling inside there. Well I was quite startled by it. It kept on for about 4 or 5 min then stopped. Might I mention George was in the room with us at the time and coincidentally my husband and I were talking about him before we went to bed. He was telling me to keep George away from the kids because he didnt like his energy. And my husband talking about energy is a big thing, cause he doesnt believe in that stuff. That was the closest I came to having him admit something. I dont believe that the marble noises is George. He seems to be more associated with the very "in-your-face" activity that goes on around here. The lightness isnt him. Anyway Ill keep you updated.

Update 6\9\08:

Hello again. Things have picked up a bit around here. I keep my lotion on top of my air condition and one day I walked in and found it squirted all over my AC. It was one of the lotions you have to pump down to get it out. My daughter was away for the weekend when it happened and my son ca't reach all the way up there, so I really dont know. Also I was in my living room one day and I heard out of no where my daughter cereal fall off the refrigerator. I dont keep it in a box, I put it in a ziploc bag to keep it fresh and the bag was in the middle of the fridge, not at the edge. So I cant explain that one either. I just sold one of my dolls : ( and I believe that some of these things may have been caused by her. But I cant be sure around here. The weirdest thing that happened was two days ago. I was in my room and the repair man was coming so I connected my baby moniter from the living room into my room so I could hear when he knocked. So im just laying in my bed reading and I hear some interferrence noices, basic stuff. Then all of a sudden, a little closer that the others I hear a little child call "mommy". Then it paused and about 3 min later I hear a sentence I couldnt make out with "mommy" again in between the words. So I went outside to see if there was maybe a child outside and much to my surprise, the other end of the moniter was unplugged. I know I plugged it in and Im not going crazy. If someone out there can explain to me how that can happen, please do. Other than that I'm counting it as one of the top activities on my list. I have no explanation for it. Well thats about it for now.

Update 6\11\08:

Hello. Last night I was with my husband in the living room watching T.V and we heard this light noise coming from the hallway. At first I ignored it then it got louder. So he insisted it was the wind, but I wasnt listening to him. My hallway doesn't have windows. So I walked quietly to the hallway and it sounded like it was around the corner and I heard something like plastic shuffling and that marble dropping sound. It really sounded like someone was playing. When I turned the light on, it stopped.


Good evening. It is now 1:45 in the morning. I am in my living room watching t.v and would like to share that there are ALOT of noises coming from my brick wall. Now first it just sounded like the marble dropping thing. Now its more like that combined with scraping\ scratching noises. I mean this has been going on for about 15 min and just seems to be getting worse by the minute. I was thinking ,ok.... maybe a mouse, but mice dont drop tiny things over and over for 15 min and dont scratch on the wall the way this thing does. And plus I dont get mice around here, so thats out the door, I would rather it be whatever it is than a mouse anyway. Lol. The only thing behind the brick wall is my closet and these noises seems to be almost echoing through that whole area, so I dont know. I called my husband whose out with friends right now and he is totally clueless to what it is, but has said he heard it before as well, just not the scratching noises. Anyway I just thought I'd share this with you.

Update 8\3\08:

Ok. I know im not losing my mind. I am a sound logical, rational person, but I am trying to make sense of what just happened. I was sitting in my living room( 10:00pm) and I saw a "darkness" in the corner of my (actually it was a few feet ahead of me). I caught it just in time to see it moving rapidly across my living room floor and then just disappear. I mean i thought it was a mouse at first but my goodness I would have seen it at some point; my living room is open space. It was like this shadow that just darted across. Thinking about it now it actually came from the direction of my dolls. Oh well, thats that I guess.

Update 8\17\08:

Hello again. Things have been pretty normal around here lately. The marble dropping thing has become such a common occurance that I will no longer include it unless something different happens. But I will tell you this. I did purchase a doll recently and keep it in my room(my son sleeps with me). I noticed nothing with the doll and thought I had been scammed. But my son recently has begun waking up in the night crying or disturbed. He is never like this and is a sound sleeper. Ive even had seen him running out the room towards me like hes afraid. So I thought nothing of it and then the other night he we were going to sleep and the lights were out and a little while later I heard him make a noise he only makes when something is bothering him and I saw him swipe at the air as if saying" get away". I looked and saw nothing but then began to wonder if something is bothering him at night. I also had something else happen. Its not activity but a dream. I decided one night to let George sleep right by my bedside just to see what would happen. That night I had a terrible nightmare that I was laying in my bed and by the doorway I saw a shadow of a man peeking in at me. He came over me and held my arms together and came over me. Im laying there screaming to get off of me and I remember feeling his cold breath on my neck, but not seeing anyone there. Thats when I forced myslelf to wake up and when I did, George was removed from my room. I am a bit concerned because if the dream has any connection to George, it may mean he is not a child spirit like I thought. And I really try only to collect child spirits because, quite frankly, children may be mischevious, but adults can be alot more(ex emotional, angry). Well thats all I have for you.

Update 10\13\08:

Hello again. Things have been quiet around here lately. Just the usual marble dropping noises. Its on a daily basis and I've heard it just about everywhere. I think its a type of residual energy that keeps playing itself over and over. A couple of days ago my husband and I were watching the vice presidential debate. Throughout the debate we kept hearing the dropping noises in the brick wall. At one point it became consistant and I told him to come over to the wall and listen. He agreed that its was suspicious, although he would not elaborate. So we watched the debate some more and suddenly I heard, coming for the hallway(which is right next to us), a sound like footsteps rubbing on the floor. Like three or four steps then it stopped. He looked at me and said, ".. now what was THAT?!" I asked him what he heard and he said a sound like when a person has on slippers and is walking. I heard the exact same thing, but just didnt know how to word it. The kids were fast asleep. When I ask him what does he think it is he just looks a me puzzled and says, " I dont know.. that was crazy!" Lol. : )

Update 1\11\10:

Wow.Its been a long time since Iv'e updated my guide. For the last year, things have been the same. Nothing extraordinary, just the usual marble noises and bangings on the walls. The bangings happen everyday at usually the same time. And they come from whatever room you are in. It almost seems to follow you. About 2 months ago I worked an overnight shift. When I came home the next morning my daughter told me that her and my son were sleeping together and heard some noises by the foot of the bed. Before she could say anything else, I went to my son (who is 2) and asked him if he heard anything. He says he heard "ahhhh ahhh ahhh" and said that it sounded like it needed help. That it sounded like a boy. My daughters account was that she heard the same thing. She heard very low, "ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh" then a responding " ahhh ahhh ahhh" at a higher pitch. She claims it sounded like two different children and went on about five more times. Then she heard " oohhhaahhhh" and she got scared. She said it was pretty loud and clear and that it didn't sound like a "normal child".

I should have included that in my guide, but because its something that they experienced and I couldn't verify it, I decided not to..... until last night. It was 2:20 in the morning and I was reading in my bed. I had put George in my room some days ago just for the heck of it. I was doing my thing and from the corner where George was I clearly heard a voice say, "Mommy". It sounded very much like a boy child and it didn't sound pleasant. If you read in my guide before, I mentioned that I heard with another doll I had "Mommy" as well over an intercom. But that sounded sweet and pleasent. This child sounded like he was desperate. And the voice didn't sound "normal" either. It sounded very void of childness and emotion. It sounded almost automated. It sounded loud, yet low. Like it was in some "other" space in my room. It was really weird.

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