Spook Savers Fort Horsted Chatham Kent 24/11/2012

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Spook Savers Fort Horsted Chatham Kent 24/11/2012

Kent Supernatural recently attended this event ran by Spooksavers who had with them a Medium called Grant Colyer.
Most of the investigations were in rooms in the tunnels below ground and I witnessed lots of K2 Meter activity around Grant Colyer.
At one point in the investigation Grants K2 was getting high readings so I held my K2 next to his and both K2 Meters were reading
the same values, very strange.
Other people in the room with K2 Meters were getting no responses, it was as if it was just around Grant that energies were present.
I set a infra-red camcorder up in the tunnel filming a an iron gate that someone thought they heard creaking open or closing.
It never moved while being filmed however there were some creaking sounds but this could not be proved to be paranormal.
Overall an interesting night and I will probably go back there for further investigations in the future.

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