Farringdon Underground Strange Happenings

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Farringdon Underground Strange Happenings

My stepson who is a 100% skeptic in the Paranormal had an interesting story to tell from his workplace.

He is currently doing night work at the Farringdon Underground Station when apparently a couple of foremen while monitoring the CCTV equipment saw a person not wearing any protective equipment so as they had walkie talkies contacted the guy who was in front of the culprit and asked him would he turn round and ask the guy behind him way back to put on his helmet and protective vest etc.

The guy turned round only to announce there was no one behind him and that he was the only one in that section at the time. Then soon after all the lights failed and went out temporarily in that area and workman are now refusing to go into that area. When the CCTV footage was played back the mystery figure had not been recorded.

Did a bit of Googling and apparently a similar thing happened also at Liverpool Street Station where a person was seen on CCTV but not recorded by it when the footage was played back.


Liverpool Street Station (a.k.a. London Liverpool Street), with approximately 123 million visitors a year, is the UK’s third busiest station after Victoria and Waterloo. It is located in the north eastern corner of the City of London. The connected tube station is the fifth busiest tube station on the underground network with 4 lines passing through it (3 sub-surface and 1 deep level). CCTV footage from every station in London is monitored 24 hours a day by Line Controllers based in a separate location.

In the summer of 2000 the Line Controller who was monitoring the footage from Liverpool Street Station noticed a man dressed in white overalls standing in the entrance of the Central Line’s eastbound tunnel. What made it so unusual was the fact that it was 2.00 am. The station had been closed for the night and there were no contractors scheduled to be working there. The Line Controller rang the Station Supervisor, a man with 23 years of experience of working on the underground, and asked to him to investigate.

The Station Supervisor went down to the eastbound tunnel and looked in it and all around the immediate area but could find no trace of the man in the white overalls. Using a telephone at the foot of the escalator he rang the line controller and told him that he had conducted a thorough search of the area but hadn’t been able to find the man.

The Line Controller, clearly perplexed said “But this guy was standing next to you. How could you not see him?”

The Station Supervisor assured him that he had conducted a very thorough check of the area and that there was definitely no-one down there. He even asked the Line Controller whether the image of the man could have been the result of a “blip” on the CCTV system but, when he was assured that the system was in perfect working order, he agreed to conduct a second search of the area just to be absolutely certain.

The Station Supervisor went and conducted another search of the area but the result was the same as the first. He could not find any trace of the man in the tunnel or in the immediate vicinity of the tunnel.

He returned to the telephone at the foot of the escalator, called the Line Controller and told him that the second search had also failed to find any trace of the man in the white overalls. The Line Controller was insistent, however, that as he watched the second search of the area on his TV screen being conducted he had clearly seen the man in white overalls standing within touching distance of the Station Supervisor.

Reluctantly accepting what the Station Supervisor had told him, the Line Controller thanked him for carrying out the searches and rang off.

As the Station Supervisor turned and walked back onto the eastbound platform he noticed to his left a bench and on that bench was there was a pair of white paper overalls.

The Station Supervisor was certain that if anyone had walked out of the tunnel whilst he had been on the telephone he would have seen them and he would also have seen anyone leaving the overalls on the platform bench.
What happened that night at Liverpool Street tube station remains, therefore, yet another unsolved mystery of the London Underground.

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